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Training and Qualification Management Solutions

Centralise your training management

Easy to manage

Plan and Schedule training

Go from Paper to Cloud

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With SkillsTrak

You don’t need to use excel spreadsheets, one note, or CRM applications to track your training database

You will be notified when your employees or contractors qualifications are due to expire, so you can organise training compliance

SkillsTrak offers all of this, combined with the fact that your employee provides all their own details - no tedious data entry required!!

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Training Database

Real Time updates

RTO integration

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Schedule training with RTO's

Careers board

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Source Jobs, Hire employees

Features of an individual profile

Add, Edit, Delete personal details

Add, Edit, Delete work history

Add, Edit, Delete certificates/qualifications

Upload, Edit, Delete files for verification/evidence

Summary, skills, employment and certification

Automatic emails to users on licenses/Inductions expiry (1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week and expiration notice) And more

Features of a SkillsTrak Business profile

View Employee summary, skills, employment and certification

Search certificate/qualification expiry dates by certification/qualification

Search all people in a company

Summary of employee skills, employment and certification

One Click instant on-boarding

Instant importing of licenses/Induction’s and plus expiry to business profile training matrix, updated in real time

Automatic reminder emails of employee licenses/Induction’s expiry (1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week and expiration notice)